How to Pick Exterior Paint Colours: 7 Key Tips

How to Pick Exterior Paint Colours: 7 Key Tips

On average, a homeowner can spend $6,649 on home renovations in just one year. While these renovations are usually necessary, this is a pretty good chunk of money, especially considering the other costs of owning a house. Between mortgage payments, living expenses, and these renovations, things can get pretty stressful.

Luckily, repainting your home isn’t one of these astronomical expenses. If you find the right professionals, it’s actually incredibly affordable. The only stressor when it comes to painting your home is the ultimate question: what colour should it be?

Here, we’re going to attempt to alleviate that stress by giving you some tips for choosing the exterior colour of your house. Read on to learn how to pick exterior paint colours and make your 2020 home paint renovations a success!

1. Start With Your Favourites

It’s natural and healthy to want to paint your home a colour that’s visually appealing to you, so what better place to start than with colours you like? If you paint the outside of your home in a colour that makes you happy, it will put you in the mood to relax and feel happy before you even set foot inside.

Not only that, but choosing a colour that you like increases the likelihood that your exterior paint colors will match well. After all, who wouldn’t choose trim and accents in the colours they preferred?

2. Use Color Psychology

If you aren’t sure what colours are going to make your house feel like a home when you look at it, consider using colour psychology to make your decision. Color psychology is basically understanding that every colour has a unique impact on the brain and using various hues to (positively) affect your mood.

For example, yellow may be a good colour to paint your home since it radiates warmth and energy. Brown exudes strength, which can make you feel powerful. On the flipside, robin’s egg blue is a calming colour that will put you in the mood for relaxation… but don’t mute your blue too much or it can make you sad!

3. Don’t Be Tacky

No matter what colour you choose to paint your house, it’s crucial that you ensure that you aren’t painting it a tacky colour. This usually happens when people paint their house bright colours. In theory, you may think that an electric green house will look unique and energizing, but in reality, it’s a hideous idea.

Do your research and look at pictures of others’ houses online. This will let you see what looks good vs what looks like a giant frog through a completely objective lens.

4. Make Sure Nothing Clashes

Speaking of not being tacky, it’s essential to make sure that the paint colour you choose doesn’t clash with other parts of your home’s exterior. This means taking the colour of your roof into account- you want it to be a visually pleasant ensemble, not something you cringe at every day.

You also want to make sure that you’re painting the trim and accents of your home’s exterior to match the primary siding color. Having these small details all match up gives off the sense that you have good taste and style, while not paying attention to them makes you look incredibly sloppy.

5. Commit to Fit In (Or Stand Out)

When you consider all the homes in a neighbourhood, they usually follow similar colour schemes to one another. While this doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of individuality, it does mean that most people are attuned to what their neighbours are doing and commit to not clashing with them.

This is probably a good commitment for you to make, too, when repainting your home. However, if you want to diverge from the norm, it is possible. Every neighbourhood has one or two houses that stand out and make people gawk when they drive by. If you want to be that house, awesome! Just know when you’re making that choice actively.

6. Match Your Interior’s Mood

In addition to matching other homes in your neighbourhood, it’s also beneficial to match the exterior colours of your house to your own interior design. You may be rolling your eyes asking why this is important, but it is- you want your home to give off one cohesive vibe. You don’t want guests to make the assumption that you don’t think things through or didn’t care about matching.

Also, if your home’s interior and exterior don’t go together, it sends mixed signals to your brain (colour psychology, remember?) Do you want to feel warm and energetic? Calm and relaxed? It can be so confusing!

7. Talk to a Professional

The pros can help you decide what colours will go well with your home, but that doesn’t even brush the tip of the iceberg.

Whatever you decide to do when it comes to your home paint job, there is one thing you absolutely should NOT do- DIY. Hiring a professional is crucial to a successful paint job because of the quality of your paint job. Not that you’re a bad painter, but someone who doesn’t have the tools that a trained professional does won’t be able to make it look as, well… professional.

Professionals can also help with issues of insurance and liability. Since these people are insured, you will be given protection to get any job that isn’t satisfactory redone.

More on How to Pick Exterior Paint Colours

While renovating your home is a challenge, it can be a lot of fun. This is especially the case with tasks like picking exterior paint colours, which is an area that you can get really creative with!

Now that you know how to pick exterior paint colours for your home effectively, it’s time to start thinking about your actual paint job. For affordable and high-quality painting services, check out this page and see what we offer. We’ll work with you individually to ensure that you’re happy with your new remodel!

Stay colourful!